The most entertaining Women's Morris side in Herefordshire

About US

About the side

The Jenny Pipes dancers practice and perform traditional Cotswold morris dances and can be hired by you for an extortionate but thoroughly deserved fee (always negotiable) for your entertainment. Eg. village fetes, parties, etc.

We meet for practice on Thursday evenings at Stoke Prior village hall (near Leominster). However we may also be seen performing at a pub near you on some Thursdays during the summer, but always check with us for full details.

Cotswold morris dances are normally done by six dancers, and some need eight dancers although a few dances are adapted for four.

The Cotswold traditions we dance are mainly Brackley, Stanton Harcourt, Ducklington and Ilmington and Oddington, although we also have a jig from Field Town which we occasionally perform. We have recently added Jane’s Dance, from the quaint Cotswold village of The Isle of Man, to our repertoire.

We also perform a dance specifically devised for us which is not a traditional Cotswold morris dance but is derived from Leominster and a particular part of its history. This dance is called (unsurprisingly perhaps) “Jenny Pipes”.

Musicians have come and gone over the years, probably because we frighten them away.

Currently our dances are accompanied by a piano-accordion. The advantage of using this instrument is that sublime, blissful silence which you get when the dance finishes!

We always welcome new members to the side, dancers or musicians; and if you can do both, you’re more than welcome!